Choice Baby Gender Selection Method

Do you want to get pregnant with a high degree of certainty to have a son or daughter. Can you be certain about it even before you conceive?

Would you like to move on from a 50 : 50 chance in gender Selection to 55 – 65% or a higher degree of certainty which is beyond 98%?

Conceive a boyConceive a girl

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  • A Satisfying & Lucrative Business
  • Previous Experience Not Important
  • The Market Is Enormous
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  • The Star
  • Utusan Malaysia
  • New Sabah Times
  • Nanyang Siang Pau
  • Guang Ming
  • China Press

Are there any other natural methods?
Will my favourable days coincide with my ovulation?
If my period is not regular, will this effect my chart?
Can I combine your method and other method?

Cheng Siew Yen

I signed up as a CHOICE Method Mother. I was very lucky as I conceived on my first few months...

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Syarifah Atika bt Said Mahzar

Saya adalah seorang ibu kepada 3 orang putera yang berumur 6,5 dan 4 tahun.

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